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Free Solitaire is a superb solitaire game. Try to arrange all cards into 4 stacks in ascending order and the same suit and get the highest possible score.

The setup:

Firstly, let’s learn about the layout of a solitaire deck.  A standard deck consists of 52 playing cards without the Jokers. The layout of the deck has four parts which are the Tableau, the Foundation, the Stockpile and the Waste pile.

  • The Tableau: Twenty-eight cards are split into 7 card piles. These piles are placed in the centre area of the deck which is called the tableau. The first tableau column holds a card. The second one has two cards. The number of cards will increase up to seven cards. Only the top cards of all columns are faced up and playable.
  • The Foundation: On the upper right side of the screen, there are 4 Foundations for 4 different suits. At the beginning of the game, they are empty. 
  • The Stockpile: A stack of face-down cards on the upper left side of the screen is the stockpile. The stockpile restores 24 hidden cards.
  • The Waste pile: An empty space next to the stockpile is the waste pile. It will hold the face-up cards from the stockpile. Note that only the top card of the waste pile is playable.

How to play:

In this game, your objective is to organize all cards into four foundations. Each stack must start with Ace going up to the King and have the same suit. The cards on the tableau can be placed on another card that has a higher value and an alternating colour. If there is an empty slot on the tableau, it can be filled with a King. Take a top card on the stockpile if you get stuck or there is no more available move left. You can go through the stockpile as many times as you like. Press the hint button to get the suggestion for movable cards if you are unable to continue. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. The undo button allows you to undo a previous action. There is no time limit in this game, so you can spend all day contemplating your next move. You will gain 5 points after placing successfully one card on one of the foundations. Try your best to remove all cards on the tableau to get the highest possible score. Use your skills like analytical thinking, logical reasoning, or decision-making to win this game. Good luck!

How many levels are in this game?

This card game features two modes including “Standard” and “Las Vegas” modes. Each mode consists of 6 levels from Easy to GrandMaster. If you are a newbie, it is a good idea to start from an Easy or Medium level. If you master this game already, play a GrandMaster level to challenge yourself. Besides, you can choose a Random option to play with a random degree of difficulty.

What are the interesting things in the game?

This game offers collections of captivating themes, card sets, card backs, and backgrounds with different images such as dogs, cats, flowers, seasons, insects and so on. You can choose your favourite theme, card set, card back, and background for free to customize the solitaire deck. This makes your playing experience more interesting. 

There is no need for you to go to Las Vegas or Macau to play solitaire for real money. Now, Free Solitaire is available online, so you can stay at home and play it on mobile or PC for free every day.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Learn the rule of the game carefully
  • Build your effective strategy at the beginning of the game
  • Place Aces on the four foundations as soon as possible
  • Avoid clearing any slot on the tableau if you don’t have a King available.
  • Distribute piles on the tableau evenly.
  • Don’t move 5,6,7,8 cards anywhere

Features of Free Solitaire:

  • Two modes (Standard and Las Vegas) 
  • Six levels including Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master and Grandmaster
  • Various attractive themes, card sets, card backs, and backgrounds to select
  • Easy control
  • Excellent graphics, captivating background, and vibrant sound effects.

How to control:

Use the mouse to drag the card.


1. Where can I play Free Solitaire?

You can play this game online on our website for free. The game can be accessed on both mobile devices and a desktop.

2. How to win Free Solitaire?

If you want to win this game, it is important to plan ahead. You should analyze the solitaire deck carefully before making any move.

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