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Free Solitaire is one of the best websites which offers +100 versions of solitaire with engaging gameplay. Available online, 100% free and easy to play.

With the aim of satisfying all solitaire lovers over the world, our website offers hundreds of different variants of the solitaire game. They are all interesting as well as easy to play. Therefore, they are suitable for players of all ages. Besides, playing solitaire not only calms your mind but also improves your mental function overall. All games on the website are playable in the browser on both PC and mobile devices. Furthermore, you can play them for free.

About Solitaire

The goal

In this game, your objective is to transfer all face-up cards on the tableau to 4 foundations in the shortest time. Try your best to gain the highest possible score to raise your name on the leaderboard.

The setup

Firstly, let’s learn about the layout of a solitaire deck.  A standard deck consists of 52 playing cards without the Jokers. The layout of the deck has four parts which are the Tableau, the Foundation, the Stockpile and the Waste pile.

  • The Tableau: 28 cards are split into 7 card piles. These piles are placed in the deck's centre area, called the tableau. The first tableau column holds a card. The second one has two cards. The number of cards will increase up to seven cards. Only the top cards of all columns are faced up and playable.
  • The Foundation: On the top right of the screen, there are 4 empty spaces called foundations. Each foundation is used to hold 13 cards in a suit..
  • The Stockpile: A stack of face-down cards on the top left of the screen is the stockpile. The stockpile restores 24 hidden cards.
  • The Waste Pile: An empty space next to the stockpile is the waste pile. It will hold the face-up cards from the stockpile. Note that only the top card of the waste pile is playable.

The rules

  • Step 1: Rearrange cards on the tableau: Within the tableau, an exposed card can be moved from one column to another one. Note that it must be one lower in rank than the target card. Moreover, their colours must be opposite. For instance, the Seven of Hearts can be placed on the Eight of Spades. Additionally, a stack of cards with alternating colours can be transferred from one column to another one if its bottom card as long as the bottom card is one number lower than the target card. Besides, they must be arranged in alternating colours. If all face-up cards in the tableau column are removed, the remaining face-down card will be flipped over automatically. Do your best to uncover all face-down cards in the columns. If a column is empty, you can fill it with a King.
  • Step 2: Move cards to the foundations: If there is an Ace available, you need to move it to the foundation. Each foundation is built in the ascending sequence from Aces to Kings and in a suit. 
  • Step 4: Flip cards in the stockpile: The stockpile on the upper left side of the screen hold hidden cards. When there is no more possible move left, you can uncover a card in the stockpile. The card in the stockpile can be moved directly to the foundation if it is in the correct order. Besides, if any tableau column has the top card with the higher rank and opposite colour, you can place the card from the stockpile on it.
  • Step 5: Use the Hint and Undo buttons when necessary: Whenever you get stuck, you can click the Hint button. It will suggest the movable card or group of cards. Besides, the Undo button is used to reverse your last move. Specially, you can use these two buttons as many times as possible. Use them wisely to increase your winning chances.

Tips and Tricks:

Building strategy in advance is necessary if you want to win Klondike Solitaire. Here are some tips that may be helpful for you. If you follow them strictly, your probability of winning will increase.

  • Learn the rule of the game carefully
  • Place Aces on the four foundations as soon as possible
  • Avoid clearing any slot on the tableau if you don’t have a King available.
  • Distribute piles on the tableau evenly.
  • Don’t move 5,6,7,8 cards anywhere
  • Don’t hesitate to change your initial strategy when necessary

Features of the game

  • Two modes (Standard and Las Vegas) 
  • Six levels including Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master and Grandmaster
  • Various attractive themes, card sets, card backs, and backgrounds to select
  • Easy control
  • Excellent graphics, captivating background, and vibrant sound effects.

The difference between the Standard mode and Las Vegas mode

This card game features two modes including “Standard” and “Las Vegas” modes. In the Standard mode, you will score 5 points after moving a card from the tableau to the foundation successfully. Conversely, in the Las Vegas mode, you will gain up to 10 points after placing a card on the tableau. Additionally, the Standard mode has 6 levels from Easy to GrandMaster. Contrarily, the Las Vegas mode has only 5 levels from Medium to GrandMaster. In other words, the Standard mode is more difficult than the Las Vegas mode. 

How to control

Use the mouse to drag the card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many games are there on the Free Solitaire website?

Our website provides more than a hundred variants of solitaire games. Besides, we update new solitaire games weekly. All the games are playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

2. What is the most popular solitaire?

Klondike is the most common version of solitaire. Featuring simple gameplay and multiple levels, it is considered to be the most fantastic solitaire game.

3. Is solitaire luck or skill?

Actually, you need to have skills like logical thinking and memory skills. Besides, it also requires a little bit of luck. In general, skill and luck are both important in solitaire.


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