About Tarantula Solitaire


Play another patience game which is Tarantula Solitaire now! Build cards descending and in suits from Kings to Aces on the tableau before time’s up.

In this game, you have to organize all cards on the tableau in descending sequence from Kings to Aces. After completing a descending stack, it will be automatically moved to one of 8 foundation spaces. You have only 20 minutes, so try your best to clear all cards as quickly as possible. The game is over if you can’t remove all cards on the tableau before time’s up. Within the tableau, you can move a card from one column to another column as long as the card you want to move must be one lower in rank than the target card. The suit and colours do not matter. Take cards from the stockpile if there is no more possible move left. You can reverse your last move only 3 times. Therefore, be careful with each move. Try your best to gain the highest possible score to raise your rank on the leaderboard.

Features of Tarantula Solitaire:

  • Arrange the cards on the tableau in a suit if you can
  • Attempt to expose hidden cards on the tableau whenever possible
  • Make an empty pile as early as possible to use it as temporary storage
  • Just flip the cards in the stockpile when necessary

How to play

Use the mouse to play


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