About Spider

Spider is a solitaire game featuring two decks of cards. Organize all cards on the tableau into eight foundation piles in descending order and the same suit.

The deck’s layout

Unlike the classic game at Free Solitaire, this game is played with two decks of 104 cards without Joker. The deck has 3 main parts: the Tableau, the Stockpile and the Foundation.

  • The Tableau: The section in the centre of the screen is called Tableau. It consists of 54 cards which are arranged into 10 columns. Each column has 6 face-down cards and one exposed card.
  • The Stockpile: It is a stack of cards on the top left of the screen. The Stockpile restores 54 hidden cards.
  • The Foundation: Eight empty spaces on the top right of the screen are the Foundation.

Allowable Moves

The objective of this game is to fill all foundations with stacks of cards starting with Kings and ending with Aces. Moreover, the cards in each foundation pile must have the same suit.

To do that, you need to arrange all cards on the tableau into 8 piles in descending sequence from the King to the Ace and in a suit. After that. the completed sequence will automatically move to one of 8 foundations. Note that a card or a stack of the same suit from one column can be moved to another column on the tableau as long as it is one number lower than the top card being placed on. Moreover, they can have different colours or the same suit. For example, the Five Hearts can be placed on the Six of Spades or the Six of Hearts. Furthermore, if there is no more move left, you can flip 10 hidden cards in the stockpile. Each face-up card from the stockpile will be placed on the top of each column.

Interestingly, the game offers a Hint button that allows you to get suggestions for the new move. Additionally, you can use the Undo button if you want to reverse your last move.

If you complete a foundation pile, you will gain up to 65 points. Do your best to clear all cards on the tableau as quickly as possible to gain as many points as possible

Game Modes

This game has 3 modes which are 1 SUIT, 2 SUIT, and 4 SUIT. Each mode has a different feature.

  • 1 SUIT mode: In this mode, all cards in the deck have the same suit. Therefore, it is easy for you to arrange the cards on the tableau. In addition, this mode has up to 5 levels from Easy to Master. For that reason, this mode is suitable for a newbie who is just on verge of discovering this game.
  • 2 SUIT mode: In this mode, the cards in the deck have 2 suits including Hearts and Spades. Moreover, the mode has 4 modes from Hard to GrandMaster. Therefore, if you are a master of solitaire, challenge yourself with this mode.
  • 4 SUIT mode: It is the most difficult mode in the game. The mode has only 3 levels from Expert to Grandmaster. If you are seeking something more challenging, tease your brain with this mode.


Actually, the difficulty of this game is normal. The hardest solitaire game is probably Freecell Solitaire which requires a lot of strategies involved. This game is available on our website, so check it out now!


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