About Solitaire Klondike


One-player card game Solitaire Klondike, also referred to as the Canfield, is the most well-known and well-liked member of the solitaire or patience family. Now you can take the addicting game with you wherever you go, even though you've been playing it on your computer for years. This well-known card game, which goes by a variety of names, including Patience, Klondike, and even just Solitaire, is consistently ranked among the top games available.

You can arrange the cards in descending order with alternating colours by tapping or dragging them. When you are able to, you should slide cards up to the foundation to arrange the suits in ascending order from ace to king. You can play the game in a more leisurely manner by drawing one card at a time, or you can play it in a more challenging manner by drawing three cards at a time.


  • Levels & Titles: Earn points every time you play to level up and achieve new titles.
  • Winning Deals: Play deals where you know there is at least one winning solution.
  • Leaderboards & Statistics: See how you stack up against other players, or try to beat your own high score

How to play

  • Use mouse to control.


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