About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is a fun hybrid game that combines elements of both running games and arcade games. After staying clear of roadblocks, the next step on the path to victory is to vanquish potential threats.

Following a long series of action-packed exploits, the character Ball finally reaches an alien world. This location is shrouded in gloom and darkness throughout. Following the conclusion of the inquiry, the protagonist, Ball, learned the truth. Five of the planet's mascots have been given a sinister new look. They formerly served as watchmen over this planet in the distant past. The five mascots, T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and Shark Megalodon, however, transformed into terrifying monsters once they lost the pentagonal jewels. They strike out at anybody who dares to enter their field of vision. The ball is not an exception to this rule. These masked figures with dark faces also attempt to steal the ball. On the other hand, Ball has no intention of destroying them. He is looking for hexagonal diamonds in the hopes that they can restore the mascots to their natural state. Let's get these exciting experiences underway!

The objective of this game is for you to exercise control over your character so that he may navigate around hazards. There are many different kinds of hazards, such as spikes and holes. You must steer clear of clashing with them at all costs. Having said that, this is a challenge. It is possible for the impediments to move. In addition to that, they may show up just as you are ready to move. Because of this, you won't be aware of the challenges that lie ahead of time, which might be a struggle in itself. You won't only have to overcome challenges, but you'll also have to adjust to the game's speed. This is a really fast-paced game that involves running. The game of Slope Ball goes on in a never-ending loop.


  • Attractive gameplay and great graphics.
  • Many impressive skins.
  • Diverse character system and portal.

How to play

  • Use the left mouse button, the spacebar, or the up arrow key to control your character.


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