About Slope 3

The most recent entry in the Slope series is referred to by its number, Slope 3. In this racing game that never ends, you have to take control of a ball and do your best to prevent it from colliding with any of the various obstacles in the game, including the red walls and barriers.

The purpose of the game is to keep a ball under your control as it rolls down a hill while simultaneously keeping it on a trajectory that follows a line across space and avoiding obstacles as it goes. Your ball will be lost if it collides with any of the red blocks or the red walls in the arena. In addition to that, you need to avoid situations in which you find yourself sinking into space. Although it's simple to pick up and play, being good at the game may be challenging. The reason for this is because as you play farther down the course, the slope will vary more quickly, and your ball will go faster as a result of the shift in elevation. Be careful!

The racetrack runs on for an indefinite amount of time, and there is no way to progress through any of the levels or stages. Your total will rise by one point for every jump that you successfully accomplish. Your objective should be to get the greatest possible score so that you may take your position on the scoreboard alongside the scores of the most accomplished players.


  • Eye-catching neon graphics and style
  • Rapidly changing courses that become harder and more unpredictable
  • Tons of crazy obstacles in the form of roadblocks, treacherous pits and killer walls
  • See who's the best on the leaderboard and try to beat them 
  • Full-screen mode available.

How to play

  • Play with the arrow keys, avoid obstacles, and the red walls
  • LEFT ARROW = Move Left
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move Right


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