About Pocket Tower


Boss, welcome to Pocket Tower! As you plan and build a stunning, thriving business district, you may become the skyscraper's hero. Make wise decisions to keep your staff content and your company expanding. Trade, communicate, compete, and join the city after that.

With the most thrilling city builder available, construct your way to the fantastic! Participate in a discussion with other residents to discuss plans and resources. The tower of your dreams can be built! Get constructing and get wealthy!

The minute you start playing, the game has you hooked. When you first start the game, a small, multi-story structure with a few people greets you. They are all eager to go to work, but pay special attention to what they individually desire.

You know buildings, their companies, and you own one. You must manage your companies and keep your employees pleased. Your thriving company is expanding quickly. You consider adding floors and additional enterprises. The game's objective. You'll develop floors, launch companies, employ staff, and welcome guests. Strategically build floors to keep taxes coming and your skyscraper rising. You'll tackle HR, investment, and profit-optimization concerns. Food, Service, Recreation, Fashion, and Technology may be added to your building. Choose a restaurant, spa, gym, pub, or laundry. After starting a company, recruit personnel and keep them pleased. Businessperson, good luck!


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Save progress feature
  • Joining in teams and playing multiplayer
  • Daily tasks and rewards

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.


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