About Nend.io


In the amazing multiplayer simulation game Nend.io, you have to strive to live and have fun in the fantastic city of Nend. The focus of this game is survival, thus you must take care of your character's health, strength, and energy, among other things. You must work to acquire money, which you may then use to buy food and supplies so you can live.

Find a job or you'll end up eating crap. Either invest in a home or find a safe place to squat. Have a good time, but don't forget to pick up a capable replacement for yourself in the baby nursery since time passes and you will eventually become obsolete.

The other players in the city will try to attack you and take you out, but you can defend yourself just as well, so be aggressive and try to take them out first. Organize your life in every way and make an effort to prosper in the magnificent and fascinating city of Nend!


  • More than 15 several upgrades.
  • Up to 6 gauges to manage.
  • The whole city is up for grabs.
  • Different life ages available.
  • Customisable looks in hairdressers or clothing shops.

How to play

  • WASD to control the movement
  • Left click to attack
  • Enter to chat
  • E or space bar to interact
  • M to open map
  • Right click to delete an item


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