About Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures


Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures is an exhilarating card game. Your object is to remove all cards on the tableau to get 3 stars and earn as much money as possible.

Play this game now and help Mr Bean earn as much money as possible to travel across the USA. In this game, you have to move all cards on the tableau to the discard pile to remove them. The card you attempt to move must be one higher or one lower in rank than the top card of the discard pile. Don’t care about the suits and colours. Flip a card in the stockpile if there are no playable cards on the tableau. Attempt to eliminate continuously multiple cards to fill the streak bar to claim bonuses. If you uncover a card in the stockpile, you will lose the streak. Use a Bean Wild card which lets you match with any card if you want to continue the streak. Try your best to gain 3 stars and earn a lot of money. Collect 20 stars to unlock the star case to receive surprising rewards. 

Features of Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures:

  • Many levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Online rewards
  • Easy to play
  • Beautiful 2D animations and funny sound effects

How to play

Use the mouse to play


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