About Klondike Solitaire

The goal

Klondike Solitaire is a basic solitaire game for beginners. Your target is to arrange all cards on the tableau into 4 foundation piles in the shortest time.

The layout

Like Free Solitaire, this game is also played with a standard deck of 52 cards without Joker. The layout of the standard deck has 4 parts including the Stockpile, the Talon Pile, the Tableau and the Foundation.

  • The Stockpile: On the top left of the screen, a stack of cards which consists of 24 cards is the Stockpile. All cards in the stockpile are faced down. 
  • The Talon pile: Right next to the Stockpile, you can see an empty space. It is called a Talon pile
  • The Tableau: The remaining cards are arranged into 7 piles that increase in size. These piles are called the Tableau.
  • The Foundation: On the bottom left of the screen, there are four empty spaces which are called the Foundation.

The playing rule

The gameplay of this card game is super simple for you. Just sort out all exposed cards on the tableau into 4 foundation piles on the bottom left of the screen. Each foundation pile must start with an Ace and end with a King. Moreover, all cards in a pile must have the same suit. Each pile must be in ascending order from Ace to King and by a suit. 

Besides, within the tableau, the cards can be rearranged in descending sequence (from King to Ace) and in alternating colours. For instance, the Seven of Hearts can be placed onto the Eight of Spades. If there is an open space in the tableau, you can fill it with any King.

If there are no more available moves left, uncover the top card in the stockpile. The face-up cards from the stockpile will be transferred to the Talon pile. Note that only the top card of the Talon pile is available for gameplay.

Additionally, this game doesn’t offer a Hint or Undo button. Therefore, you can’t reserve your last move or get any suggestions when you get stuck. Consider carefully before making any move.


Moving a card from one column to another one rewards you 5 points. Besides, you will get up to 15 points after transferring a card from the tableau or stockpile to the foundation successfully. Although the game has no time limit, you will be deducted 8 points every 30 seconds. Therefore, you have to clear all cards on the tableau as quickly as possible to gain the highest possible score.

Levels in the game

This game features two levels which are Easy and Normal. If you are a newbie, choose an Easy level. This level allows you to take a card from the stockpile with a click. Reversely, you can take 3 cards from the stockpile if you choose a Normal level. If you master this game, tease your brain with this challenging level. Otherwise, if you think that this game is too easy for you. check out Spider which is the harder solitaire version on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag the card


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