About Idiom Hunt


Idiom Hunt's goal is to finish as many levels as you can by gathering words that go together in the right sequence to form idiomatic statements. You have to dive completely into a word in order to gather it. As you gather the words, they will show up at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen are all the words that make up the provided phrase, which are presented at random. The definition of the term is also displayed at the bottom.

It is completely up to you when playing the Idiom Hunt Game to identify expressions that correspond to the definition provided. You must overcome the little challenges offered to you and construct the proper sentences in order to locate and obtain the appropriate ones from the words with bubbles that emerge on the map. October that the game must be restarted if one incorrect word is added to the statement. Your life bar is shown by the hearts at the upper right of the map, and these hearts go smaller one by one with each wrongly constructed phrase. The scene behind you and the challenges you face change each time you complete a level. There are thorns and hard-spined hedgehogs ready to murder you on the ground. The heights that will enable you to speak the words that are presented to you will soar even more at the same time. This game, which attempts to teach while playing and aid in the greatest understanding of English idioms, is accessible to players of all ages.


  • Figure out the correct order of words as you hunt down idioms while eluding dangers.
  • As you progress, longer idioms come up.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to jump and move on the platforms to reach the words on the level. 


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