About Gaps Solitaire

The target

Gaps Solitaire is a challenging version of solitaire. Your goal is to reorganize all cards into 4 rows in ascending order from Twos to Aces and a suit.

The layout and deal

This game is played with one deck of 48 cards without Joker and Aces. The cards are faced up and arranged into four rows at random. There are four gaps in 4 rows and the positions of the gaps are random. On the top and bottom of the screen, you can see a ruler starting with 2 and ending with A. It will help you identify the position of the cards easily.

The playing rule

Your mission is to arrange all cards in the playing field into 4 rows in ascending order from Twos to Kings, left to right. The cards of each row must have the same suit. Each gap in a row can be filled with any card that is one higher in rank than the left card. Moreover, they must have the same suit. For instance, if the left card next to the gap is a Five of Hearts, you can place a Six of Hearts on the gap. In case all gaps are behind the King, you can no longer move any card. Besides, the moveable cards will be emphasised. Therefore, you just need to click on it and then click on the space you want to place it on. 

If there is no more possible move, you can shuffle the cards in the deck. Remember that you can shuffle only 3 times. Therefore, you have to consider carefully before shuffling. In addition, use the undo button if you want to reverse your last move. You have only 10 minutes to complete all rows, so be quick! Try to win the game before time’s up and gain the highest possible score. After that, you need to submit your score to know what your rank is on the daily, weekly, monthly and all-time leaderboards of the game. You also can see the ranks and scores of other top players on the leaderboard

Some useful strategies to win Gaps Solitaire

Actually, this game is more challenging than some classic solitaire games at Free Solitaire. Therefore, if you want to win this game, you need to build your own plans. While playing, you can change the initial plan. Here are some tips that can be helpful for you and increase your chance of winning.

  • Consider carefully the left card before placing any card on the gap
  • Pay attention to the suit of Deuce at the starting position of the row. The card you attempt to move must have the same suit as the Deuce in the row.
  • Attempt to move the Deuces to the starting position of the row whenever the opportunity arises
  • Try to move the King to the end position of the row. As there is no card that can be placed behind the King, you need to transfer it to the end of the row to avoid running out of moves.


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