About Eliminator Solitaire


Eliminator Solitaire is a highly entertaining card game where you have to remove all cards from the four columns by building on the eight foundations either up or down in card rank, regardless of suit.

This game requires you to arrange the cards contained in the four vertical columns into the eight foundations in the top row. A special feature is that you can arrange them in ascending or descending order, also in ascending and descending order on the same foundation. Additionally, regardless of suit, which means that you do not need to organize them in the correct suit. That makes your arrangement easier and more convenient, but your time is limited. You only have 3 minutes to complete your arrangement, do it as fast as you can to win. If you feel that the previous selection is not correct, you can press the Undo button to return, otherwise, there are no suggestions for you. There are 10 levels with increasing difficulty. You need to accumulate a lot of points and complete the task to be able to unlock the next level. It sounds easy but winning the game is more difficult than you might think. Use your smart brain to solve them.

Features of Eight Off: 

  • There are 10 increasingly challenging levels.
  • Time is limited, need fast speed to complete the arrangement.
  • Allow playing in full-screen mode.
  • There is a leaderboard.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.


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