About Double Solitaire

The objective

Double Solitaire is a patience card game played by two players. Your goal is to be the first one to remove all cards on your tableau and get a high score.

Cards layout

This game is played with a standard deck of 104 cards. The deck is divided into two sides. Each side has 3 parts: the Tableau, The Stockpile and the Foundation. Besides, each player plays with 52 cards. Twenty-eight cards are arranged into 7 columns on the Tableau. The remaining cards are stacked in the Stockpile. Eight empty spaces on the right of the screen are the Foundation.

Turn-based gameplay

Unlike Casino Blackjack where you have to play with the dealer, this game lets you compete with the CPU. Your objective is to transfer all your cards on the tableau to foundation piles before your opponent does that. Because you and your rival share all foundations, you can move your cards to any foundation on the right of the screen. Each foundation pile must be organized in ascending order from Aces to Kings and a suit. 

Within the tableau, a movable card or a pile of cards can be placed on a card which has a higher rank and an opposite colour. To illustrate, the Eight of Hearts can be placed on the Nine of Spades. When a column is cleared, you can fill it with a King or a stack of cards starting with a King. 

If there are no more movable cards left, you can uncover the hidden card in the stock. Try your best to be the first player to clear all cards on our tableau. Note that you have only 10 minutes, so you need to be fast. Transferring a card from the tableau to the foundation successfully will reward you with 50 points. Do your best to gain more points than your rival.


This game features daily, weekly, monthly and all-time leaderboards that present the names of top players and their scores. After winning, you can submit your score to see where your rank is on the leaderboard. Try your best to gain the highest score and the first rank.

Pro tips to win Double Solitaire

Like all solitaire games at Free Solitaire, this game also requires some strategies. Here are some helpful tips and cheats which help to increase your winning odds.

  • Try to uncover hidden cards on the tableau when possible: If you can unveil hidden cards, you can move your cards from the tableau to the foundation faster.
  • Be fast when playing the game. Remember that the allotted time is only 10 minutes. Moreover, your rival also makes the same moves.
  • Utilize the stockpile as many times as possible.
  • Think carefully before making any move as this game doesn’t have an Undo button
  • Wait for your opponent to play whenever there is no more possible move left
  • If there is an Ace available, don’t rush to move it to the foundation. Wait until a corresponding Deuce appears and then move them to the foundation at a time.


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