About Daily Solitaire


Play Daily Solitaire every day to join different challenges. Remove all cards on the tableau in the shortest time to gain a maximum of 350 points.

Play this game now to have fun every day. In this game, you have to move all cards on the tableau to 4 foundation piles as quickly as possible. Each foundation stack must be in the ascending order and a suit. Within the tableau, you can transfer a card from one column to another column as long as the card you attempt to move must be one lower in rank than the target card and their colours are opposite. For example, the card nine of hearts can be placed on the card ten of spades. Flip 3 cards in the stockpile if you get stuck. The game is over if there is no more possible move left. Try your best to win the game and gain a maximum of 350 scores.

This game features daily challenges. This means that you can only play a deck per day. You can come back tomorrow to play a new deck. Of course, you can play the deck of the previous days. You will get a monthly bonus of 3000 points if you have played it for a month.

Features of Daily Solitaire:

  • Daily challenges
  • Easy to play
  • Beautiful 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

Use the mouse to play


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