About Crescent Solitaire


Crescent Solitaire is an awesome card game. Your mission is to transfer all cards from outer piles to 8 centre piles to gain the highest possible score.

This game is played by moving all cards from outer piles to 8 centre piles. Note that the card from one outer pile can be moved to another outer pile as long as it is one lower or one higher in rank than the top card beneath it and they have the same suit. Reshuffle the cards if you get stuck. Remember that you only reshuffle 3 times. The game requires you to remove all cards from the outer piles in 20 minutes. The game is over if you can’t clear all cards of the outer piles before time’s up. You will get 5 points after transferring a card from the outer pile to the centre pile. Try your best to win the level and gain the highest possible score.

Some strategies to win Crescent Solitaire:

  • Lift the top cards in the outer piles to see which card is beneath it
  • Avoid emptying any outer pile
  • Think carefully before reshuffling

How to play

Use the mouse to play


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