About Classic Solitaire Deluxe

The objective and layout

Classic Solitaire Deluxe is a simple card game that put your logical thinking to the test. Stack all cards on the tableau into 4 piles in ascending order and in a suit.

The game is played with 52 cards on the deck. You can see 3 parts on the deck which are the Tableau, the Stockpile and the Foundation.

  • The Tableau: Twenty-eight cards are arranged into 7 columns in the centre of the deck. The first pile on the left holds one card. The second pile holds two cards. The next column will have more one card than the previous column. 
  • The Stockpile: The remaining cards are faced down in the stockpile on the top right of the screen. 
  • The Talon Pile: It is an empty space next to the Stockpile. It will hold the face-up cards from the Stockpile.
  • The Foundation: Four empty spaces on the top left of the screen are foundations. Each foundation needs to be filled with a stack of cards from Ace to King and in a suit.


The gameplay of this game is similar to Klondike Solitaire. In this game, you have to deal all cards on the tableau into 4 piles in ascending order and in a suit. Besides, the cards on the tableau can be reorganized in descending sequence and alternating colours. However, remember that only face-up cards are available for gameplay. When the face-up card in the column is removed, the card beneath it will be exposed and playable. Moving a card from one column to another column within the tableau rewards you with 5 points. In addition, if you get stuck, you can take a card in the stockpile. You can move this card directly to the foundation or place it onto one of the columns in the tableau. You will gain 15 points if you transfer a card from the tableau or stockpile to the foundation pile. After the stockpile is empty, you can move all cards from the waste pile to the stockpile and then flip them again. Whenever you regret your move, press the Undo button on the left of the screen which allows you to reverse your move. Try your best to remove all cards on the tableau as quickly as possible and gain the highest possible score.

How to control

Use the mouse to drag the card

More interesting facts about Classic Solitaire Deluxe

The difference between 1 CARD and 3 CARD modes

This game features 2 modes including 1 CARD and 3 CARDS. For a 1 CARD mode, you can flip a card in the stockpile with a click. Contrarily, if you choose a 3 CARDS mode, you are allowed to uncover 3 cards in the stockpile with a click. However, only the top card of these 3 cards is available to play. After the top card is removed, the card beneath it is playable. If these 3 cards are cleared, you can click on the stockpile to take the other 3 cards.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Agame and released in May 2018. It is available in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. Muck like this game, our website presents Free Solitaire which is also an interesting online card game. If you have free time, try it out.


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