About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is issuing a challenge to all gamers worldwide. You must guide a worm to an exit portal by feeding it an apple. Can you complete every level?

Snake-like mechanics may be recognizable to almost everyone. This Apple Worm game is now inspired by their mechanics. You must assist a worm that is trapped in a labyrinth to escape. As soon as you enter the game, an exit gateway is shown. To get to that doorway, however, will take a lot of time.

Your worm is famished, to start. In the labyrinth, let's have a nice apple. Consuming apples helps you go away as well. Your worm will increase in size as he ingests the apple. He would then stoop his lengthy body to make his way there. Of course, it's not easy to eat the apple without tripping over it or getting trapped. In Apple Worm, every move you make has to be carefully considered. Otherwise, the level must be repeated. You may play the game as many times as you'd like, so don't worry. You get experience by replaying a level more often. From there, you may devise a cunning plan of attack to pass that level.

Do you believe the game is simple? You just need to move your worm left and right to reach the portal. For the first two levels, this will be accurate. When you reach level 3, however, you will need to approach this game from entirely different angles. The two initial levels are teaching levels, so that explains everything. The major obstacles start at level three. Keep in mind that the more advanced you are, the more challenges you may encounter. You sometimes go through a level a dozen times. This is a brainteaser game to challenge your brain, so relax and don't give up.


  • Full version of the game for free
  • Many interesting levels
  • Easy controls
  • Funny music
  • Unique graphics

How to play

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • R key to play again.


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